Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 2013 Photo A Day Challenge...Day 8

8.  Something beginning with "T"

 A tank, technically a fish tank.  We've had it for about five years I would say.  It is a rather small tank 20 gallons.  The place had just had a renovation.  This past Sunday I cleaned it and put new plants and new rocks.  Its inhabitants are four fishes.  The big guy here which is really 2 1/2 inches of body and 2 1/2 inches of tail (or dress as my niece calls it) and three more little goldfishes.

But do not be fool.  That big guy there with the fancy and flaunting white veil as a tail is really a killer.  He is Sophia's precious fish and has been with us since the beginning.  None of the original inhabitants are here to tell the story.  Every now and then we found biten or dead bodies and we figured it was just their time to die.  

It wasn't until recently that we figured out that it was this guy who got rid of most of the fish population in this tank.  We had a bottom dweller (the kind that cleans the tank) who hardly moved very  inactive guy, well one morning I noticed he was dead.  Since he was Xavi's fish we bought him another one.  Now this new one was very active and I spotted him more than once poking that fancy white tail.  Soon he was dead too.  We later bought a small crab for Xavi and thought that Sophia's fish will not harm him.  We were wrong.  He is a gonner also.  For now we don't plan on buying any more.  

Specially me because maintaining a tank is a lot of work.  Just like the Christmas tree everybody is excited to put it up and when it's time to take it down nobody is around.  Same with the tank when it comes to clean it up I don't see any volunteers :/



  1. I know exactly what you mean about no volunteers! Did you know that the water you take from the fish tank is WONDERFUL for watering your plants with, whether indoor or outdoor plants. All those nitrates and so on...

    1. ah! I've been wasting valuable water resources! thanks for the tip!

  2. Funny story Claudia! I never thought of the goldfish tails as a dress before! What a bully Sophia has there. Goldfish don't usually last that long but maybe feeding on other fish is key to a long life! LOL

  3. Wow! Great job to keep up that Tank! I have some aquarium too, know how much care it takes keep fishes happy and alive ;) Kinda hope you would post more photos from underwater life... :)


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