Tuesday, July 21, 2015

on hating

No, I am not having a bad day today.  In fact it's a good day, I have a bit of time to sit, visit some blogs and post on my own blog.  Last week as I was about to start ironing I thought about how much I hate that chore.  I don't iron much not even my own clothes is just my husband's work shirts and pants.  It's only 10 pieces of clothing so I always look forward to holidays you know two pieces less!!  Can't wait for him to retire...

I put a list of things that I hate the most just for fun.  I say just for fun but at the very moment they can get an ay chihuahua out of me!!

1.  ironing
2.  folding clothes
3.  putting the dishes away
4.  water splashes in the bathroom mirror
5.  when talking to people and they tell me "nevermind" 
6.  losing my cell in the house
7.  driving in the rain
8.  picking up dog poop
9.  when having to drive reverse and Javier did not leave the tires straight on the truck
10.  long lines at the supermarket checkout
11.  flies in the house

I can always come back and ad more to the list...

One thing I am loving more and more is my little one.  Five months.  Already.

I came across this article in Buzz Feed titled "19 Signs You are a Homebody"  check it out it's funny except for ordering delivery, crumbs on my bed and a whole season of netflix ah ah!  that is totally me 16 out of 19!!

Now tell me what you hate the most and if you are a homebody??


  1. Emma just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Your hating list reads very much like mine. If I had a dog, the dog poop situation would be on it too. A fabulous thing about self employment is I haven't ironed 1 garment since I stopped working a regular job! Jim loses his cell phone in the house all the time. Occasionally I have to call it for him so he can find the thing! I'm a total homebody too. That made the goal of working from home more important. We got Netflix about 6 months ago. I can't figure out if it is a blessing or a curse. Binge watching is addictive.

  2. what a sweet, sweet baby girl! lovely pic of her


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