Friday, July 31, 2015

Movie marathon

I have checked off another item on my 45 by 45 list!  Item 33 was that a tough one!  Movie watching staying up past midnight.  I go to bed at 8:00 or 9:00 at the latest and am a morning bird this goal was a bit ambitious.

Javier and Xavi were in San Diego Sophia volunteer to support me on this one since it was girls only in the house.  We made a list of movies that were interesting to both of us but ultimately I decided on three movies because after all it was my marathon.
First off at 6:00 pm we watched "The Duchess" on Netflix downstairs.  Although it said it was pg-13 Sophia had to run out of the family room a few times If you know what I mean :/ The movie tells the story of Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire.  She is an 18th century fashion icon and gambler loved by the whole country think of Lady D.  The Duke wants her to have an heir, which she hasn't accomplished, she brings home a friend and then this woman starts and affair with him. That beep! sorry but that just made us so mad!! Georgina has to accept all of his husband's infidelities.  She finally bares a son. Very good movie, I cried at the end very sad what this woman had to go through...If you haven't watched it I recommend it!
Second movie was a fail.  The life of Pi, I choose this one because Sophia had read the book and hadn't seen the movie and I had not watched it either. We started it at about 8:15 pm.  For this one we watched it upstairs on Sophia's laptop...on my bed...bad move.  Very bad move...It was very monotonous, a talking castaway lots of roaring and water all over...I nodded several times.  So did Sophie we actually had to often change positions and places on the bed to keep awake.  I started thinking we weren't gonna make it.  Well it wouldn't matter if Sophia went to sleep it was me that I was worried about.  But the thought of quitting in the middle and having to do it all over again gave me strength to keep on.  I was so relieved when the movie finally ended.   We had one more to go.  I hesitated but decided keep on going.
For the third and last movie I was very awake in fact I was wide awake. We watched "Revenge of the Bridesmaids".  It was a rom-com  as Sophia stated.  A romantic comedy to be precise, two women trying to sabotage her childhood friend's wedding because this one is marrying her friend's ex-boyfriend.  Funny, silly and entertaining, just what we needed to go on.  The movie ended at 12:15 pm just in the nick of time. It was gratifying finishing my task. 

Have you ever had a movie marathon?  How late do you stay up?...I used to be so much better at this :(

PS:  Luckily Emma let me sleep in a bit. I woke up at 7:00 am the next morning. Oh yeah on the baby news department we have a screamer and a roller!  She finally rolled over this morning she still needs a bit of practice.  She has discovered that when there is a conversation between two people or more she can get noticed by screaming her lungs out.

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  1. The duchess is my type of movie although I haven't seen it yet! I will have to add it to my Netflix list. We loved Life of Pi. LOL! I have clicked passed the Revenge of the Bridemaids movie. Good to hear it is a funny one so we will have to watch it when we are in the mood to laugh!

    It sounds like Emma is doing a great job of entertaining. :)


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