Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to enjoy strawberries

This is the way Sophia enjoys her favorite fruit, strawberries.  Right after school...

Delicious, won't you agree?

I tell her 'Sophia do your hair missy!'
she answers no way strawberries come first!
She likes messy hair anyways.


  1. Me encanta la secuencia y cómo la has presentado ;)

  2. this is THE CUTEST!!! the messy hair-- adorable! and can i just say that she totally reminds me of a little me + marianne :) really! when we were younger.

  3. Having clicked so many photos of her eating strawberries just goes on to show your patience Clau ..you're a good mommy and Sophia is adorable .. Hugs to you my friend :)

  4. So cute! Luv these photos!!!


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