Wednesday, July 20, 2016

origami folding

Pretty early in my last pregnancy I found out I was having a girl.  Oh my world turned pink then!  
Soon after finding out I started shopping for baby girl.

My sister passed on to me my niece's clothes for the new baby.  My niece is a fashion diva I must tell you. So there were tons of clothes, my neighbor also passed on some of her daughter's clothes as well.  
And then came the Baby Shower 
so many ohh's and aww's so many beautiful little pieces of clothing so pink and purple.

During pregnancy I spent lots and lots of time washing, folding, sorting, stacking, smelling that baby detergent, arranging and rearranging. Experiencing love over and over.  I just loved matching those teensy socks and folding postage stamp sized washcloths.  I loved all the precious baby things.

Then when Emma came.  So cute and perfect.  She took most of my time and the laundry was not my priority anymore.  Good thing I had plenty of clothes to stretch laundry day. Not fun anymore.  In fact doing laundry is not my favorite thing to do.  It has never been. 
I guess it was just pure baby blizz that little origami folding!

I thought that with Sophia doing her own laundry things would be easier on me.  But NO. The laundry kept piling up as baby girl bodily functions were working just as they were supposed to.  I suppose I don't have to name the bodily functions do I?  or the body fluids?  Na I didn't think so!  Anyways, she started crawling and I had to start treating the knee stains, now that she is starting to feed herself I put a bib on but she takes it off as she decides it's more fun eating without it :( you can just imagine the mess she makes on the floor (that can be a whole blog post in itself), her clothes and herself.  But wait mess is not a good adjective let me call it turmoil, chaos wreck or a combination.
I apologize today guys!  I guess I just needed to rant today.  One must do so once in a while.  I know the day will come when I have an empty nest and no more heavy loads of laundry.  
Wait that's in about 18 years or so!  sigh.


  1. Cute photo. :) I would be a mess as a mommy since I can't stand doing laundry! Before you know it Emma can do her own laundry. I think I was around 10 years old when my mom handed me a hamper and left me on my own to do my clothes! I have never asked her but I assume she dislikes doing laundry that much too.

  2. ha! oh I remember those piles and piles of laundry, and wondering how someone so tiny could make such a mess! I recall going through quite a lot of bleach, or just telling myself "that stain isn't that noticeable" I confess there were some days when the best part was watching them sleep (finally)


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