Thursday, February 4, 2016

morning laughs

This morning laugh post is mostly about Sophie.

I am always amazed that as parents we tell our kids over and over about things and they don't listen but once they hear it from someone else or find out some other way then they pay attention.I don't know if you are familiar with takis, they're this rolled corn tortilla chips hot and spicy and very addictive.  Very popular on this side of the states specially among kids and young people they're sort of like hot Cheetos.  Well Sophia read and I am so glad she did that they cause cancer and ulcers because all of the things added to them and the spiciness.  Well after reading that she has stopped eating them. She said a friend offer some to her in school and she said "Please don't I am a recovering addict!"  that did get a chuckle out of me!!

Sophia coming home from school looks in the mirror and says "OMG I have a bugger and nobody tells me anything!! Those are not true friends!!

She tells me:  "you guys are not if I ask to go to 7-11 on a weekday you say NO! It's 4 O'clock! I would not take them on a weekday to 7-11 after school that's true.   In reality I would not take them to 7-11 period because what do you buy there? only junk food right?? That's what their dad would do. About the spontaneity she did get another chuckle out of me and it got me thinking she always complains about bed time too early, cleaning her room and taking trash out of her bathroom when it's full  and little things like that. Do I have too many rules?  I started questioning myself.  No I don't think so!  Just enough to make them clean and responsible adults. But one day just randomly  I will take them to 7-11 on a school day I guess it will be ok to bend the rules a little once in a while...

She asked last week to do her own laundry and I agreed.  I told her I would guide her how to sort the laundry and work the washer and dryer.  So she did a couple of loads and it all went well.  I specifically told her that I would hate for her to leave the clothes in either the washer or dryer for half a day (here I go with the rules again right?) Monday after school she came home saying "guess what mom I forgot to wash my PE clothes I guess I am not a responsible woman yet!"

Ha ha!! no my dear Sophie you're not a responsible adult yet, slowly but surely you will get there one day...
but I am proud of you already!!

For one last morning laugh today here's Emma eating avocado or is it an avocado mask?  but it's a good thing that she thinks of moisturizing her face at a young age! lol!!


  1. Sophie is a riot! Rules are a good thing. My mom had us vacuuming and dusting our rooms at a young age as well as doing our own laundry. I think she was being smart reducing her own house work that way. :) Anyway I turned into an organized, clean adult with no resentment!

    I'm glad she is educating herself on food ingredients. There are so many wacky things in our foods that cause cancer. Yellow no. 5 is a biggy. Jim was so excited to find pickles without it recently. They just aren't crazy green but at least they only have natural ingredients!

    Emma is quite smart. Avocados are just as good for the skin as they are to consume!

  2. ha! Sounds like Sophie has a good head on her shoulders and is growing up fast. You have great kids, and that is a sign of good parents :)


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