Saturday, February 28, 2015

She is here!

She is here!  
Emma was born on February 19, 2015
at 7:45 am 
6 lbs 12 oz 
19 inches

She saved me the last 12 days of pregnancy, thanks baby!

Here she is today at 9 days old,
She is healthy and perfect!

We all are on cloud nine.

Thank you all for your well wishes!


  1. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And I am sure will have a heart of the Mother :) Very happy for your family!!!!

  2. oh look at that sweet, perfect little face!! She is beautiful and so happy to hear momma and baby are healthy and happy. Enjoy this new amazing addition to your wonderful family my friend. And here's wishing you all some sleep in these early days!!

  3. Emma is beautiful! I'm so happy for you Claudia! Those little feet are so precious. :) Enjoy every moment!


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