Thursday, May 8, 2014


Just like in Beverly hills the houses on the hills are the ones with more real state value.  Nice to live up there to not have noisy or nasty neighbors, to have a great view of the city.  But rethinking that I wouldn't want to get caught up there in the middle of the night all dark, what if there is a power outage?, an emergency?  a wild animal roaming the house? maybe the chupacabras??   Nay! I'd rather live in the city as a simple peasant.


  1. Whenever I see a house on a hill like that I worry for them due to mudslides or landslides!

  2. LOL! It's funny comparing different parts of the country. My worry about living on top of a hill like that is what if it is snowing and I can't get to the house!


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