Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

Today is a very special edition on my "What to buy on a Wednesday" series.  It is my mom's Birthday. September 1, 1952, the day she was born.  At the age of 19 she had her first three kids!  My younger sister came 10 years later.  She is a very hard working woman that has always made the most intelligent decisions in her life, she always has words of encouragement and wise advice for everybody.  She is very dedicated to her family and her passion which is canary birds!  My brother and uncle built a bird house for her and that is where she spends hours and hours taking care of her precious birds (but that is another blog entry coming soon)  She also has the green thumb, she loves raising her own produce, herbs, she has many fruit trees and loves all types of flowers.  I searched etsy for the green thumb and picked some items that she might like.

 First of all, I picked this lovely Wooden Toolbox by thecozycorner where she can have all of her tools ready and in one place and also the phone so she can answer because she is hardly inside the house with all these plants and birds!

Having a vegetable garden and a tool box of course she 'd be needing a pair of Chopping Tools these lovely vintage garden tools by TheBarnOfMiddleburg were just the perfect pair for the perfect gardener.

 Oh my!  aren't these the greatest garden markers?  Vintage recycled silverware as herb plant markers what a great idea and will make the perfect gift for an avid gardener.  These shown here by buttermilkhollow

Next pick is this great Wide Brimmed Womens  Handmade Sunhat by Sookie. She will be more comfortable under the sun and near her plants with this great hat.

I also found this awesome pair of Gardening Gloves by ImagingAprons She can do her favorite hobby and still look cute!

And finally I found this Green Thumb At Work sign by ScrappySigns which I think looks very very beautiful and goes right to the point!

Have a Happy Birthday Mom, I love you with every beat of my heart and wish you many many more Birthdays to come!


  1. Beautiful!!! I am sure she will love everything and she will be so chic at the same time : )

    Happy Birthday!!!!!Feliz Cumpleanos!!!! to your mami may she be blessed with many more birthdays and may she always be full of happiness and lots of health : )

    Kary : )

  2. Thank you Karina! I will sure let her know about your Birthday wishes for her! She will get a kick about this post. I've been telling her about our dates with Dear Micaela and she thinks it's too funny.


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